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Grant Making

Building Community Through Grants and Service
In 2001, following the expansion of the mission of the Gunnison County Metropolitan Recreation District to a full parks and recreation district, a grant award program was instituted. The grant awards have benefited every sector of the local communities, positively impacting recreation, parks, theatre, music, culture, athletics and historical preservation. All age groups and ability levels, both local residents and visitors alike, have benefited from the program and services funded by the Gunnison County Metropolitan Recreation District. Funds have also been awarded to facilitate community planning for recreation, arts and culture within the Distrtict.

Community Collaboration Grant Program Guidelines & Application

Developed Recreation Grant Program Guidelines & Application

Generous funding, in the amount of $1,627,737 to date, has assisted other local governments, non-profit organizations, citizens groups and schools in providing recreation and cultural amenities and services.

The Board of Directors of the Gunnison County Metropolitan Recreation District continues to pursue its goal to cultivate cooperative partnerships to enhance recreation, arts and culture in our communities.

Grant Funding

Grant Awards


Grant Funding


This spring, we received 20 grant requests for a total of $113,284. Requests ranged from $1,300 to $10,700 to support a variety of recreation needs throughout the valley, from the installation of dog waste pick-up stations at the McCabe’s and Dos Rios Nordic trails, to the purchase of a new stripping chute for the Gunnison Roping Club, and new tools for the Crested Butte Conservation Corps. In total, $85,366 was awarded to 18 entities, including 11 fully funded projects. Grant requests, awarded amounts, and project descriptions can be found below:

Gunnison Trails
Funds awarded to support Gunnison Trails’ three-person trail crew. The crew works full-time for 10 weeks, from June through mid-August, maintaining and building trails throughout the Gunnison Basin.
Gunnison Roping Club
Funds awarded to replace Gunnison Roping Club’s existing stripping chute with a  new stripping chute as well as the installation of a bow gate to replace the broken iron gate and particle board.
Gunnison Nordic
Funds awarded for the installation of port-a-potties and dog waste pick-up stations at the McCabe’s Trailhead at Hartman Rocks and at the Dos Rios trail network for the 2019/2020 grooming months.
Gunnison Senior Center
Funds awarded to support the Gunnison Senior Center’s inaugural 2-day Senior Wicked Wellness Challenge, planned for June, 2020. 
Gunnison Arts Center
Funds awarded for the planning of the Gunnison Arts Center’s new event space, which will include retractable theatre seating and movable gallery walls, enabling them to grow programming to include larger and more varied events.
Gunnison Public Works
Funds awarded for the purchase of a Bobcat Soil Conditioner, needed to rehabilitate native or gravel trail surfaces throughout the Gunnison Valley.
Snowsports Foundation
Funds awarded to support the Snowsports Foundation’s Ski for PE program, connecting 150+ Gunnison Elementary 4th and 5th graders to outdoor winter recreation. .
West Elk Hockey Association
Funds awarded to support the recruitment and cost of experienced and skilled hockey coaches for West Elk Hockey Association’s youth teams. .
Crested Butte Mountain Bike Association
Funds awarded to purchase tools and supplies to increase the Crested Butte Conservation Corps’ efficiency and capacity, and to decrease environmental impact.
Crested Butte Nordic
Funds awarded to help cover the cost of grooming, signage and dog waste station maintenance at the Crested Butte Town Ranch trail network.
Crested Butte Mountain Theatre
Funds awarded to lengthen and grow Crested Butte Mountain Theatre’s popular YouTheatre youth workshop. 
Crested Butte Wildflower Festival
Funds awarded for the development and implementation of the Wildflower Festival’s Wildflower Preservation Campaign materials.
Crested Butte School of Dance
Funds awarded to support the School of Dance’s Move the Butte production costs.
Gunnison Watershed School District
Funds awarded to implement the North Valley Kindergarten Swim Lesson Initiative, providing swim lessons to 50+ Kindergarten participants.
Crested Butte South Property Owners Association
Funds awarded  to expand the Crested Butte South basketball court to a standard, full-sized court.
Town of Crested Butte
Funds awarded for the construction of changing rooms at the Big Mine Ice Arena to support youth and adult hockey.
Crested Butte Land Trust
Funding awarded for the fabrication of signage on Peanut Lake Road to promote responsible use of the adjacent trails and conserved land.
Crested Butte Avalanche Center
Funds awarded to purchase equipment necessary for improving the Avalanche Center’s outreach events, which strive to strengthen avalanche awareness among locals and visitors.
Crested Butte Film Festival
Funds requested to support the Film Festival’s Outdoor Adventure Programs.
Tough Enough to Wear Pink
Funds requested for Tough Enough to Wear Pink’s Pink in the Rink women’s hockey tournament. (This application was missed in the review process and is now being reviewed by the Board and grant review committee.)

Other 2019 Recreation Contributions

Gunnison Stewardship Fund
Met Rec contributed $10,000 to the Gunnison Stewardship Fund, a nascent program spearheaded by Gunnison County and the National Forest Foundation. The Gunnison Stewardship Fund will be used to support the stewardship of National Forests and other public and conserved lands in the Gunnison Valley. Met Rec is one of a few early entities to contribute to this fund, being partially matched by the National Forest Foundation.

Shady Island Park Project
Met Rec contributed $30,000 to Gunnison County’s Shady Island Park Project. The Shady Island Park is located just north of Gunnison and will be improved to provide riverside boat access and recreational amenities.  

Lazy K Project
Met Rec contributed $5,000 to the City of Gunnison for the Lazy K Park project. The new park facility will be located on West Tomichi Avenue and will provide paved pedestrian access to the river, fishing ponds and other recreation amenities. The park and river access will be easily accessible for residents of the Gunnison Valley Senior Care facilities.


2018. The Met Rec awarded $25,000 to the National Forest Foundation (NFF) in 2018 for the East Fork, West Maroon Pass Trailhead Improvement project. The project will include expansion of the parking lot and installation of a composting toilet to accommodate visitors and reduce on-site waste. Funds from the Met Rec were used by NFF to leverage matching funds from other organizations.

Revenue sharing and grant awards of $1.54 million have benefited every sector of the local communities, positively impacting recreation, parks, trails, theatre, music, education, culture, athletics, and historical preservation throughout the District.


Community Funding 2001-2018
CTF: Intergovernmental Revenue Sharing 2001-2017

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Grant Awards

Adaptive Sports
(Multi year funding)
Outdoor recreation programming for children & adults with disabilities. Community Kids program.


Artists of the West Elks
Free children's, artist's workshops

Avalanche Awareness Institute
(Multi year funding)
Avalanche awareness education/programs/equipment

Boomers and Beyond
New senior center
Cattlemen's Days
Capital Expenditures
Center For the Arts
(Multi year funding)
Alpenglow concert shell outdoor stage, sound equipment outdoor stage, capital improvements building, Alpenglow program funding, outdoor stage renovations
City of Gunnison Parks & Recreation
(Multi year funding)
Climbing wall at recreation/community center
Aquatics center at recreation/community center $125,000
Indoor hockey/ice rink facility $25,000
Trails system & trails master planning, repair tennis courts, rebuild pac man pond, baseball field improvements $15,000
Colorado Marbles / Let's Play Marbles
(Multi year funding)
Build 6 marble rings & covers in Jorgensen Park, tournament, maintenance
Community Assets Coalition
Youth Organization
Crested Butte Arts Festival
Artist demonstration/children's art programs '09
Crested Butte Arts & Recreation (CBAR)
Community planning for arts and recreation
Crested Butte Community School/Titan Booster Club
(Multi year funding)
Track & field project, playground surface, climbing wall
Crested Butte Avalanche Center
Elkton weather station repairs
Crested Butte Mountain Heritage Museum
(Multi year funding)
Textile Exhibit, Garden Project
Crested Butte/Mt. Crested Butte Chamber
Benefit concert - free to the public
Crested Butte Mountain Theatre
(Multi year funding)
Purchase chairs, computer system, sound & audio visual equip., air conditioning system for Mallardi Cabaret
Crested Butte Music Festival
(Multi year funding)
Music programming: Children's concerts, Music on the Move, Ticket Subsidy
Crested Butte Nordic Council
(Multi year funding)
Snowmobile/grooming implements, snow cat, rental fleet/skijoring equipment, bridge project, timing equipment, maintenance facility construction. Yurt repairs.
Crested Butte Film Festival / Crested Butte Reel Fest
(Multi year funding)
Purchase equipment, Festival support, equipment purchases
Crested Butte Parks & Recreation
(Multi year funding)
Rainbow Park climbing sculpture, hockey rink project, bike park (2016)
Crested Butte Parks and Recreation
Big Mine Ice Arena
Crested Butte Ski and Snowboard Club
(Multi year funding)
Fencing material utilized during races, scholarships
Crested Butte South Homeowner's Association
(Multi year funding)
Capital improvements to hockey rink, purchase playground equipment
Feet First
Verzuh Park - Crested Butte
Aquatics Facility Ballot Proposal
Gunnison Arts Center
(Multi year funding)
Capital improvements to building, programming, theatrical light/sound system, theatre renovation
Gunnison Community School
(Multi year funding)
Pavilion, climbing boulder, Frisbee golf course, walking trail
Gunnison County Fairgrounds
Capital improvements to grand stands, horse stalls, and arena
Gunnison Country Partners
(Multi year funding)
Recreation equipment/youth center, summer youth program
Gunnison County Pioneer Museum
(Multi year funding)
Restoration of engine #268 & signage, car barn upgrades, refurbish Doyleville school house
Gunnison County Public Library
Purchase CDs & DVDs
Gunnison County Trails Commission
Slate River Bridge
Gunnison Farmer's Market

Gunnison High School
(Multi year funding)
Climbing wall, auditorium sound system


Gunnison Nordic Club
(Multi year funding)
Purchase snowmobile, trailer and grooming equipment. Snow machine purchase.
Gunnison River Festival / Todd Crane Center
Gunnison Whitewater Park construction, web cams,
Gunnison Valley Observatory
(Multi year funding)
Telescope repair and mounting, '09 lecture series
Gunnison Valley Poetry Alliance
(Multi year funding)
Publish Gunnison Valley Journal in '02 & '04
Hospice of Gunnison Valley
Memorial garden project
Kids Kount
Grants to teachers for recreation, cultural programs
National Forest Foudation
East Fork - West Maroon Pass Trailhead Improvement Project
Pitkin Historical Association
Capital improvements to new community center
Quartz Creek Improvement Association
(Multi year funding)
Capital improvements to Ohio City school house/community center (historical building)
Rocky Mountain Biological Lab
Interpretive display panels at RMBL in Gothic
Shade For Blades/Gunnison Valley Ice
(Multi year funding)
Capital improvements at Jorgensen Park ice rink
Six Points Evaluation and Training
Special Olympics program
Stepping Stones Children's Center
(Multi year funding)
Playground equipment, playground deck, bike track
Tenderfoot Child & Family Development Center
Outdoor playground equipment
Town of Pitkin
Playground improvements
WSC Athletic Foundation
Community track and field project
Total Community Projects Funded 2001-2018 $949,528


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